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December 2008

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A Snowflake - December 21

Snowflake, 2008

There were several snowflakes made this year, and for once, they didn't all look alike. The one pictured is one of the larger ones.

I love making these things. Some years, I follow someone else's pattern, but this year I struck out on my own. My only requirement for snowflakes is six points. Other attributes, like size and shape of the points, may vary. Most of the ones this year are rounded.

All the ones I made were for other people. Some years I make one for me, too, but this year I haven't, at least not so far. Who knows...I may make another one. The thread hasn't gone back into hiding, and the crochet hook is on the table beside me.

Text, snowflake, and photo © copyright 2000-2008 Becky