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December 2008

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Saturday - December 20

There might have been a picture entry tonight, except I'm in between naps and really don't want to download and fiddle with pictures. There might have been an entry about what I've been working on, but I'm not awake enough to do it justice.

So for the moment, know I'm nearly through with the things that had to be done before Christmas, and don't be jealous because I don't really have much to do before Christmas, so me being through means less than someone with a larger to-do list.

Enjoy the Solstice, everyone, no matter your persuasion. Light returns.

Friday Random - December 19

---Today I've been thinking about friends and acquaintances in snowy places. When the last of my microblogging buddies checked in a little while ago, I closed my mental checklist of People in Snow's Way for the evening, but I hope those who must be out tomorrow fare well.

---Around here, it was a warm day.

---I will write soon about the controversy involving Rick Warren's appearance at the inauguration. Still gathering my thoughts on it.

---I went out for groceries early this afternoon, thinking it might be a little less crowded in the store at that time of day. Let's say that seemed like a good idea at the time!

---As is true everywhere, grocery prices here are higher. But somehow, I've managed to hit specials, or I've painlessly modified my list of desired items, and my spending hasn't gone up.

---Of course, since I'm trying to shop about every two weeks, paying for twice the food at once did startle me the first couple of times!

---And that's it for the evening.

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