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December 2008

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Snowflakes - December 16

Without telling you more than you want to know about the crochet cotton I use for snowflakes, I'll tell you two things. I prefer a specific size that's usually known as bedspread cotton (#10), and the stuff currently costs around $2.00 for 225 yards.

Let's call it snowflake cotton. Or let's call it imitation masking tape. No, you can't use it to block areas you don't want painted. But it behaves like masking tape in one very annoying way. It hides, thus leading you to believe you're out of it so you'll go buy more. Eventually, you wind up with at least a dozen rolls of tape, or skeins of cotton, all minus just a small bit.

Unless, of course, you remember from the last time you used it that you do, in fact, own plenty, and can take the time to conduct a search.

My nearly-full skein of snowflake cotton tried very hard to make me buy more this year. What it didn't know was that I would have used a different cotton (in a smaller size) instead, because I had plenty of that in plain sight. But I was not happy thinking about making snowflakes without my preferred size.

I had checked nearly all the hiding places in my apartment. Bear in mind that while a skein of this stuff isn't huge, it's not tiny, either. None of this hiding in a coat pocket or handbag. And I did check the bags I usually use for projects. Nope, the cotton was determined to stay hidden.

Finally, I remembered to check a box that I thought only contained yarn. There, hiding between two skeins of a lovely gray acrylic, was the snowflake cotton!

I'm not sure God is used to being thanked for the finding of cotton, but I did so, anyway.

I'm now well along in the crocheting of this year's snowflakes, and will show them to you later. And when it comes time to store the cotton, I may just put it in the drawer with the masking tape.

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