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December 2008

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The Television - December 22

I love my new television. It's not large, by a lot of people's standards, but it's significantly larger, at 20 inches, than others I have had. And I love having the extra digital channels.

I'm still doing some indoor-antenna tweaking, to take full advantage, but for the moment, I am glad to be able to get some of the shows our local PBS station didn't think needed to be included in the analog schedule.

Up till about 20 years ago, I hadn't owned a color television. I had managed with a black-and-white set, and been happy with it, but when it died came the shift to color.

I got hooked on a couple of PBS programs, just because they were so, so pretty. That's also about the time I got hooked on "Dr. Who," because it followed one of the sparkly shows.

And that reminds me...if anyone still needs a converter box, since I haven't applied for my coupons I'll be glad to do so and share.

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