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December 2004

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December 11

David has posted pictures from his and Mark's recent trip east. I'm delighted we had the chance to get together, and I'd love having them live close to me.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I spent time on Friday fighting with a document that didn't want to be tamed. I would say the document was difficult to modify, but that wouldn't take into account the fact that once I got its language and formatting modified I also had to have a lengthy discussion with the printer.

I think the real problem was that I had left my lion-taming gear somewhere else.

But I won the battle. The document got printed and I got out of the office in time to stop by a local crafts store for some things I needed. But I think I'll keep that lion-taming gear in the car from now on. Just in case.


I am delighted to be participating again in Holidailies. In addition to those participating in the portal, there are writers who are doing "Holidailies at Home." A list of those participants, as well as other information about Holidailies, is available through the link.

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