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November 2004

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November 26

I'm really glad I washed my hair Thursday night. I had started not to do it, thinking I'd do it sometime this afternoon instead. But as the day worked out, it was much better I decided not to procrastinate.

Instead of needing to take care of personal hygiene, I had a treat this afternoon. I got to see a chosen brother again and to meet my newest brother-in-law. David and Mark have been in North Carolina, visiting David's family and various friends. Today they were heading to points north, and made a detour through Chapel Hill to visit me.

Oh---all the photographic evidence of the meeting will be forthcoming from David and Mark; I forgot to take my camera. That's okay, between them there were four cameras, and all four got put to use.

We got together at Breadmen's for a late lunch and much conversation. The conversation covered a wide variety of subjects, including families and careers and locales.

I had a great time. It was wonderful to get to spend time with David again. I have gotten to know Mark through written communications, and it was lovely to put a voice to the words. All that written communication, though, pretty much meant we weren't meeting strangers. We just didn't know each other's voices yet.

Interestingly, one thing Mark and I have in common is that we both got to know David through written communication before meeting him (and by coincidence, it was five years ago this very holiday weekend that I first wrote to David).

It should come as no surprise that words are important to all three of us. I think they have served us well.

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