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November 2004

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November 25

The things for which I was grateful in this entry are still things for which I am grateful.

This year, in addition to those, I'm glad for some recent good luck in small things. For instance, today I replaced the batteries in two watches, after figuring out how to get the backs off the watches. This saved me roughly a third of the cost of having the batteries replaced at a jewelry store. I'm all in favor of both saving money and doing things for myself, so this makes me very happy.

Some friends had asked if I'd like to join in a civic group's Thanksgiving festivities today. I would have, except my back was in no mood to go. It was in a mood to make me want to be able to go lie down without having to drive home to do so. Based on that, I decided staying home was the better choice. I spent some time working on the less strenuous parts of housecleaning, and read some.

I also took time to answer a couple of questions about television in Charlotte when I was growing up. Those came from someone who read my entry from a couple of years ago in which I wrote about the late Betty Feezor, the hostess of a homemaking show from which I learned a lot.

All in all, I enjoyed the day. I hope those of you who celebrated today had a Happy Thanksgiving, and that Thursday was a good day for those of you whose holidays follow a different schedule.

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