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June 2004

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Fourth Anniversary - June 24

In November 1999 I read my very first online journal. On June 24, 2000, I started one of my very own. And it has brought me more pleasure than I had any idea it would.

Pleasures of new people in my life, for one. Several people I now consider friends I first "met" when they wrote to me after reading journal entries.

Pleasures of having a place to share my thoughts, for another. It is important to me to make sure I say what I really mean in these entries. This means I do try very hard to pay attention to what I've written.

Pleasures of having loyal readers. I appreciate your reading more than you know.

As various things in my life have changed, so has the journal. When I started, I was working only freelance, and my freelance days didn't have much content that needed to be written about. So there were more times than not when entries had nothing at all to do with the day. After I went back to work part-time at the law firm, there came more journal-worthy days, not the least of which are days like yesterday, with the storm and the Golden Retriever and the Assistant Handmaiden.

And then came the beginnings of a journey that among other things has led me to be more open about some aspects of my life. I have not regretted the openness. It has led me to some good things, among them being able to participate in both giving and receiving during the recent holiday season, and to write of my own depression.

Some days entries are short. Very short. Those days are often the ones when I've been involved in something about which I don't have freedom to write. Either a very time-consuming client matter, or a long visit with a friend wherein one or the other of us needed to discuss something personal, or something else where someone's privacy would be violated if I were to write about it. Since I give you credit for figuring out that there are indeed things which are part of my life that are not going to be made public, I don't include comment about how I've had a day I can't discuss.

Of course, some entries are short because writing more would be superfluous. And sometimes they're short because I'm just plain tired.

Those entries, the long ones and the short ones, the ones that are about serious subjects or things not serious, the ones that have flowed easily from my fingers and the ones that have stuck to my fingers like someone had glued them there, all have brought me a measure of joy that I would not have had without this venue.

The joy continues. So will the entries.

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