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June 2004

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June 23

It was a good thing that I gave Kathy the news of her promotion early in the afternoon, because she needed to act in her newly-created capacity before the day was out.

Kathy has been promoted to Assistant Handmaiden to the Golden. She has been with us nearly a year now, and has definitely earned the promotion, with her obvious care for Zoe, the Golden Retriever who's our boss.

Late this afternoon, the weather was turning stormy. I had asked Zoe if she wanted to take her tranquilizer (Zoe does not deal well with thunderstorms and knows the pill will help her cope with the noise), but at the time she didn't show any interest in it. I needed to leave for an errand, so I made sure Kathy was prepared to deliver the pill if it should be necessary. It soon was.

Kathy told me when I got back that by the time the first thunderclaps made their appearance, Zoe was too stressed to just take the pill from Kathy's hand. So Kathy tried putting it inside a small bit of food, but Zoe was even too stressed to nibble.

That left Kathy with Plan C, which was to get Zoe to open her mouth so Kathy could place the pill-laced treat on her tongue. Zoe was able to comply with this request, and soon settled down and happily napped through the rest of the storm.

I am pleased to report that Kathy's first day as Assistant Handmaiden, though challenging, was a success.

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