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September 2003

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September 17

Yeesh. One thing about the windy conditions pre-storm is the amount of pollen floating around in the very strong breeze. For the past two days I've been fighting allergens, and I'm tired of it. Especially since there will no doubt be another bumper crop of mold spores after the water, which means even more allergy time. I may have to write to Mother Nature again....

The preceding whine brought to you courtesy of Hurricane Isabel.

All sorts of things decided today was a day to go all sorts of weird. The copier at work decided to have a hissy. Just as the repair request had been confirmed with the technician, the machine decided it could work just fine after all. We decided this was a lot like the phenomenon of feeling better just before your scheduled doctor's appointment, so we didn't cancel the call (the tech was already in the neighborhood on another call when ours reached him).

The tech came, and was told the machine had been working okay but we'd appreciate it if he looked at it anyway. He was happy to do just that. He didn't find anything wrong, but he did a few routine tweaks as long as he was there.

Then I went out for a brief errand and to get some lunch. While I was out, I was followed entirely too closely by someone who couldn't read the speed limit signs and decided that annoying me would make me go faster. It didn't. Never mind that I would love it if that stretch of what used to be a country road still had a speed limit ten miles higher.

Office dog Zoe and I enjoyed my lunch, then she went to enjoy her spiffy new dog bed and I went back to paperwork. I think Zoe got the better part of that deal, but at least I had the larger portion of lunch.

And now I'm home. I've had a nap, done my chores, and am settled in to write for a while. I hope tomorrow has less weirdness than today, but with the storm coming I'm not counting on it.

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