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September 2003

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September 18

Sometimes, the pictures tell just about all there is to be told. These were taken early this afternoon. The alt tags tell more of the specific locations. Basically, this was my experience of Hurricane Isabel.

I had headed to work (the first four pictures are from the trip), and the rain was coming fairly heavily. Once I got there, I realized everyone else had either left or not come in (I missed Wendy's e-mailed message telling us to stay home or go home, which arrived about five minutes after I signed off from my morning websurf). I already knew I hadn't planned to stay long.

My stay was shortened when power went out there. I took the fifth picture from an office window, to show the slanty rain, then left for home. The last picture is from my car window as I got home.

Looking out the passenger window at trees along Estes Drive.

Intersection of Estes Drive and Airport Road.

Convenience store at Estes Drive at East Franklin Street.  And a leaf on my window.

East Franklin Street at Erwin Road.

Slanty rain, looking out Associate 2's window.

Debris and puddles at my place.

The power stayed on at my apartment, albeit with a few flickers. I am grateful for that, and for the privilege of staying inside the rest of the day, out of the wind and rain. There are a couple of tree branches down, but they landed silently and peacefully on the ground and did no harm.

Today, a simple statement that no harm was done is the happiest thing I can tell you.

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