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September 2003

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September 16

I appreciate the concern people have expressed to me regarding Hurricane Isabel, but today I got a truly odd e-mail message from someone who apparently thinks I'm five grains of sand away from the ocean. Umm, no. While you can get there from here, it takes several hours.

By the way, for current information about the storm and this part of North Carolina, I suggest checking this website. If you're looking at a map, I live west of Raleigh.

And for those who would like to be amused when the Governor signs a State of Emergency prior to a storm's arrival, you should remember that the declaration allows certain things to be put into action in the best sense of planning ahead. At least one newcomer to North Carolina thought that our Governor was overreacting back in the winter when he signed one prior to a second round of ice storms. He wasn't.

Mainly right now I'm grateful. While I hope there isn't a disruption in power, at least it's not the middle of the winter. While there are trees in the apartment complex, there are ample places to park away from them...and if one fell, it would not be likely to hit my apartment.

So while your thoughtfulness toward me is appreciated, this time I'm going to ask you to redirect it and send good thoughts to those closer to harm's way. Me, I might get really frustrated. Them, they might get really hurt.

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