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February 2003

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February 13

This week, I'm part of a five-day collaboration called Februarium. My entries for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday may be found by following those links; here's the one for Thursday.

Day Four, February 13: Where you've loved.
-Duh. The sexxxay entry. You knew there had to be one, didn't you?

Location, location, location. That's what you want to know? Okay...not necessarily in the order in which the experiences happened, several dorm rooms, several private places on Carolina's campus, several cars, a meeting hall, bedroom and bathroom in my house, same at his, and all over my apartment.

All those locations had their charms. But frankly, and perhaps boringly enough, the places I prefer are beds or sofas. I never much cared for stand-up; height being the reason for that.

The location that's best? Wherever I feel safe and loved. Safe? Where we're free from interruptions, not likely to fall or otherwise get hurt, and safe from disease, of course. Loved? That one's self-explanatory.

For those of you for whom this was too much information, sorry! I got into this collab knowing the questions, and knowing I'd answer this one, too.

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