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February 2003

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February 12

This week, I'm part of a five-day collaboration called Februarium. My entries for Monday and Tuesday may be found by following those links; here's the Wednesday one.

Day Three, February 12: When you've loved.
-Write a brief history of your love life, or a single story about your first love. Extra credit for the juicy bits.

I'm cheating a little on this one. I've already written about my first love, and I'm going to reprint the two paragraphs about him, with some editing, because the entry in which they originally appeared was about the significance of a July day that among other things would have been his birthday.

The man I spent the majority of my college years loving died way too young back in 1988, of complications from diabetes. Although we wound up splitting up, it was a good relationship. We parted because our interests diverged. We went down different life paths, but we parted as friends and I never wished him anything but the absolute best.

He was a rare jewel. I'm not sure he had a selfish thought his whole life. He sure didn't express any when I knew him. What he did have was a wonderful way of making you see the best in yourself. In case you were having trouble finding it, he knew where to look, and was quick to point it out. He was, in my adult life, the first person who loved me just because he did. And taught me I was worth loving by someone who didn't have some family reason or lifetime history reason to do so. And he will always have my gratitude for that.

As to any juicy bits, well, let's just say they were most pleasant.

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