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February 2003

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February 10

I read late last night about a collaboration, Februarium, that would last but five days, starting today. I wrote to ask to be included, but haven't yet heard from the person in charge of the collab. I don't think she'll mind, though, if I follow the topics for the series. Therefore, without further ado, here's the first one.

Day One, February 10: Who you love.
- This is a love letter to anyone. Or no one in particular. Parent, spouse, significant other, ex-lover, pet dog -- you write it all down here.


You know I love you. Did you know I often think of you as the great love of my life?

How could I not love you? You wait, patiently, for me to pay attention to you. You always accept my touches and sound your appreciation of them. You go along with whatever mood I may be in without quarrel.

Although you show me my mistakes, you are never demanding that I correct them. You wait for me to do so on my own.

You help me find the depths of my soul, and help me share the shareable parts with the world. Ah, but you alone know all the secrets. You know of the triumphs and the tragedies. You have borne witness to the highest joys and the deepest moments of grief.

Of course, you've met most of my friends. And most of those you've met have heard your voice. Not all, but that can't be helped. When you were the silent witness it was merely the constraints of time that kept you silent.

You do have a lovely voice, my dear. I love hearing it, whether it be loud, or medium, or whisperingly soft. It encourages and inspires me. Your voice and your willingness to accept me as I am are why I love you.

I've loved you from the first time we met, when I might well have been considered too young for a lifetime commitment. But it's worked. I'm so glad you're part of my life. You're the most wonderful piano in the world.


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