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February 2003

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February 3

Remember the sales rep who might show up today? Well, show up he did. A little late, in fact just late enough to make me think he wasn't coming. I might have been impressed with what he was selling, but he was way too pushy. He kept on and on about how much money he thought he could save us, except in reality he couldn't. This all has to do with document storage offsite, which nearly every law firm uses.

What he really can't beat, given the way his company is set up, is access to those stored documents, along with the cost of said access. I tried to get him to understand that was a major factor, and finally resorted to telling him not to hold his breath waiting for us to call him. Yes, I did use that phrase. After the third time I had told him I didn't think we would be interested in changing from the system we use now.

I wondered, after he left, if he had just tripped my "you're too pushy" trigger, but that question was answered quickly when one of the attorneys who had overheard most of the visit came out to see me and asked who the pushy salesman was and why he thought being that pushy was the way to go.

I will give him credit for making much over the dog, even to the point of remembering to say goodbye to her on his way out the door.

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