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February 2003

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February 5

Random bits for early Wednesday:

Some days I am reminded that I did not inherit my mother's teaching talents more than other days. I had a chance to remember it well yesterday, when I was trying to explain to someone who clearly didn't get it the difference between two similar-sounding concepts. Sorry if that's vague. Without going into excruciatingly more detail than you want to read, I can't go much further. But if you'd like to send good vibes or magic words that cause clarity, I'll be happy to get them.

Sunshine and warmth have been with us for a couple of days. This pleases me, even though I know full well it's still winter and there's always the possibility of more frozen stuff. But it does present some challenges in terms of getting dressed, to have the weather suddenly be unseasonably different-temperature. Umm, that's a comment, not a complaint. I've lived in this part of the state long enough to have well learned not to put my out-of-season clothes completely out of reach. Need to wear a sweatshirt in August? No problem. Want shorts and a t-shirt in February? Got it handy.

I don't think I can sing the praises of napping loud enough. Napping, however, is why none of this got posted last night. I had a long, well-deserved nap. And now I need to get ready for the day ahead. Hope yours goes well.

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