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January 2003

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January 30

It's late Thursday night, and I'm tired. I have spent a lot of the day dealing with salespeople at work. Two stand out.

One of them was determined she wasn't going to take "no" for an answer. I finally told her to fax her information to me. She said she would do that (and she did), and said that a salesman would show up on Monday, though I tried to tell her not to waste his time if he couldn't beat the price I quoted (I already know he can't). We'll see if he shows up anyway.

Then there was the woman who called (with a very bad connection) who wanted me to sign us up for some advertising. I was 99 percent sure we weren't interested, but I needed to check with Younger Partner, who makes this sort of decision. I told the caller that she'd need to call back tomorrow, when I had had a chance to find out.

She wanted the name of the person who made the decisions. I told her that I wasn't sure who made them, and I'd have to find out. I rarely lie to people, but I give myself a special dispensation when it comes to hyperaggressive sales types. In fact, I told this one that I was in the office alone at the moment, and the only thing I was sure of was that I wasn't in charge of the decision. To know this was a lie, you would need to know that the Senior Partner was standing in my office doorway, and that there were at least six other people in various rooms at the office at the time. Senior Partner didn't make a sound. Smart man.

In other news, my laptop computer has a new touchpad. The tech who came to work on it this time took a look around inside the machine; tightened a screw that the prior tech hadn't; then prodded a little more and told me that he thought I needed a new keyboard, because he was pretty sure the new touchpad would only correct part of the problem. The keyboard is a warranty item, of course. So he's ordered that, and it should get to me by Monday. I'm thinking I may be getting a new laptop one part at a time. This is okay by me.

Oh, and he was right. The new touchpad didn't correct the whole problem.

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