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January 2003

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January 13

I had something weird happen today. A lady apparently ran a search on the name of an ISP, and found this thread on my forum. She then must have gotten really confused. She apparently thought the ISP had some connection to the forum. Hers was the service that uses a television; I won't name it because you all know its name and I don't need more weird search results, thanks. Or weird forum posts.

She posted a message, addressed to "you," saying that she had tried to call and had sent e-mail, but had received no answer. Seems she no longer uses the services of that ISP, since she now has a computer instead of the prior setup. And she wants ("you") the company to please quit charging her credit card.

Now that's a reasonable request. I don't want to pay for things I can't use, either. But I'm not in any way related to that company. Not a subscriber, and certainly not their billing department. So I wrote her and told her that I was Becky from the forum, and that I had no way of helping her.

Then I deleted the message.

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Happy Seventh Anniversary, Planet SOMA! On the sixth anniversary I wrote an entry about that site and why it was important to me. The site has changed some in the last year, but all the reasons I liked it still apply.

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