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January 2003

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January 12

Odds and ends.

Somebody should keep count---while I don't plan to do a "Hundred Things" list as such, it may well be that you could string together all these entries where I present odds and ends about myself and come up with your own.

On to today's.

I sent a commendatory message to outgoing Illinois Governor George Ryan regarding his commutation of those death penalty sentences. I would love to see the same thing happen in other states, including mine.

I don't understand revenge.

I don't agree to disagree with anyone. I will, on occasion, agree that I disagree. If we can, after stating our cases, remain calm and change the subject, it's cool for the conversation to continue.

I really hate it when people do me the favor of fixing something that wasn't broken, and I have to go in and undo their fixes.

I really like it when people fix things that are broken.

And I really like peaceful weekends, like this one has been.

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