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January 2002

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January 13

Today is the sixth anniversary of Planet SOMA, and that is an event worthy of mention here for a lot of reasons. For one, in a world where impermanence seems to be the order of the day, that a website has survived and thrived for six years is cause for celebration on its own. My other reasons are more personal. Some of you may already know this, but I like this bit of history, so I'm telling it again.

Planet SOMA was the first personal website I ever ran across, back in early November of 1999. Several weeks and a lot of archive-surfing later, I wrote to David. I told him how much I liked what I had read and that based on what he had written, I wanted to apply for the position of new friend. I listed some of my qualifications, which include the shared experiences of being from North Carolina and being only children. A week or so later, he wrote back, accepting the application, and a friendship got underway.

No, that is not something I would normally do. In fact, it was completely out of character for me to write such a letter, but I have never regretted it.

So there's my main reason for being glad Planet SOMA got started and kept going---I wound up with a very good friend. One who was exactly what I thought he would be when I met him last April, and one who has been a source of much moral support, a lot of of fun, and some very solid practical advice, not to mention some wonderful logos.

Another important thing to me about Planet SOMA is that the writing is so good. In a clear voice, David tells you what he thinks, and why. He's moved the journal over to its own domain, but essays and other content are still housed at Planet SOMA.

At the time I first got in touch with David, I had no notion of starting this site. I was thinking online journals were nice things, but wasn't at all sure I had enough to say to do entries. Over time, I changed my mind. So in June 2000, when I started this venture, David was one of the first people who knew about it. His was the first site linked from this one---could I have picked another site for that? After all, he gave me my very first opportunity to write online, by letting me do a guest essay for Did You Bring Bottles? earlier in 2000. (That pleased and flattered me more than I can say, by the way.) David returned the link a few days later, and the first total-stranger mail that came to me after starting this site came from someone who followed the link from Planet SOMA.

So to my friend David, I say Happy Sixth Anniversary of Planet SOMA, and extend a wish for many, many more. I also say thanks again for accepting the application!

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