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January 2002

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January 14

I have now had the honor of being mentioned on the radio in Indiana, courtesy of Saundra, who appeared on a call-in show. She wrote me after the show to tell me there had been some questions about the Kaycee Nicole hoax and that she had mentioned my name. I appreciate the mention, and I will be ever grateful to Saundra for using her skills to help make the truth come out on this story.

I suspect people are going to be asking about this particular hoax for a very long time. There were a lot of people hurt by it, and a lot more disgusted by it. Let us hope that all the light cast into that darkness will keep shining into ugly, murky places, helping truth win out.

On a much lighter note, the best laugh of the day came courtesy of someone who wanted to know about "becky+first+taste" and asked Google to help out. Why do I find that so funny? Well, Google led the inquisitive little thing over to an entry I wrote in August about going back to work at the law firm, and that one of the things I did my first day there was to set the computer colors to my taste.

So all three of those words were indeed on that page. Yes, I know the person probably wanted information about oral sex. Umm, Google doesn't know anything about me with regard to that. So don't waste your time or their bandwidth.

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