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April 11, 2001

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Wednesday Events

I spent several hours with David this afternoon, and had a great time. He's pretty much exactly like I thought he'd be. I knew I would like him in person, and I do. I look forward to spending some more time with him tomorrow, before he heads back to his parents' home. I may actually remember I have a camera...

I read occasionally the comments from journallers who say their readers don't know them. And in a lot of ways, I'm sure that's true. But in a lot of ways, it isn't. If you become a regular reader of a journaller, and that person writes much at all beyond "I had cereal for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch," you're likely to have enough basis to form an opinion about the writer.

Of course, at the time I first wrote David, I didn't know anyone felt that way (and I haven't heard him say that he does, by the way). I'm glad, because I was self-conscious enough when I wrote the first time. I've been careful when I wrote letters before, but not usually because I was scared I'd sound like a lunatic. Fortunately, I apparently sounded sane enough that he answered, and the rest is history.

Oh, for the record, I asked about it; David does not expect me to submit his site to search engines.

Another happy piece of news today: Doug is celebrating his 80th birthday. I think he's actually much younger than that, based on the young-at-heart spirit seen in his writing. But if he wants to go by the numbers on his birth certificate, well, I guess we just have to let him! Happy Birthday!

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