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October 2002

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October 30

Once in a rare while I change the outgoing message on my answering machine to reflect something currently in need of being transmitted, usually to a specific person. I am tempted to do it again, to announce to the satellite salesman who calls at least one a week that I live in an apartment where the only sort of dishes we're allowed to have are those from which one eats.

I'm also tempted this week to announce to those calling in support of candidates that I have already decided for whom I'm voting (which is true), and then ask them not to waste my time or theirs by leaving campaign pleas. Especially if they can't seem to be articulate in pronouncing their candidates' names. I really don't think my voting plans will be changed by a plea to vote for Mrrt Brrmm, which is what the candidate's name sounded like in the message I received today.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I am pleased that Chapel Hill has decided not to do the same street barricade thing for Halloween that they did last year. Not that I think the powers that be in Chapel Hill read my entry and took my advice, but they are doing the shuttle bus thing I thought would be a good idea.

To all of you trick-or-treating, enjoy the treats and keep the tricks benign, please. Happy Halloween!

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