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October 2002

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October 31

A few random thoughts today.

My new office continues to please me very much. I still need to do some tweaking---things aren't properly put away yet, but that will happen when I'm not as busy as I have been the past couple of days. Those things not yet stored where they will eventually live are on shelves where I can find them for the time being. I love having ample storage space.

Office dog Zoe wasn't happy with all the disruption going on when I was moving things into the office, but she has calmed considerably. It seemed to help when I sat with her and told her that I wasn't going far, that the supply of treats was going along with me, and that she was always welcome in the office. She was sure I was telling the truth when it came time for lunch yesterday, and lunch appeared as it should.

Back in the days when I used to work in downtown Chapel Hill and rode the bus to get there, there were bus buddies in my life. We greeted each other even when we ran into each other somewhere other than on the bus. Usually those greetings were accompanied by confused looks; we couldn't quite figure out why we knew each other, but we were nonetheless sure we did.

What has brought bus buddies to mind is a clerk in a local store who treats me as though she knows me. I don't recognize her name, but it's entirely possible our paths have crossed somewhere and I just don't recall the circumstances.

Happy Friday to all of us.

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