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October 31, 2001

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Still Cranky

I'm still in a cranky mood. Yes, I did leave work early to get to the bank and home before the roadblocks went up. I still think all that roadblocking was overreacting, but then I'm not the one who has to pay the price. I think the town could be better served by organizing something themselves, since the goal of the party-goers seemed to be to have a good time while dressed in costume. The main thing the town wanted to do, it seems, was to prevent the party participants from parking in the downtown lots.

Strikes me that the town could have used the bus system to encourage people to park at the commuter lots on the edge of town and ride a bus in. That's how a lot of the regular weekday parking problems have been solved over the years, and it works pretty well during UNC sports events, too. A small fee per car would have likely paid for the overtime for bus drivers.

See, they really should have asked me.

And amending my schedule cut into some fun time with Zoe, another of Wendy's Golden Retrievers. Robbie, ordinary office dog, was being ornery this morning, according to Wendy. So Zoe got to come instead. And she was a very good girl all the time I was there. She even minded her manners during office lunch, which was held to celebrate the holiday.

Zoe and I are good buddies. One of her early trips to the office was shortly after the death of the first office dog, Misty. That day, I happened to be sitting in Wendy's office going over some piece of client work with her. Zoe decided to rest beside my chair, and without thinking much about the gesture, I put my hand down in the way I had done whenever Misty wanted to be the one doing the petting...I'll tell that story another day, but the hand position was palm-up.

In her pre-Wendy's home days, Zoe had been somewhat abused, and reallyreallyreally hated for anyone to touch her paws. So the next thing she did that morning was a huge deal for her. She reached up and put her paw in my hand. I didn't think too much about it, but Wendy looked over and saw what Zoe had done, and interrupted business to comment on it. And I knew from that moment that Zoe was my new girlfriend.

So those who decided to thwart Halloween parking downtown deprived me of something precious, and I'm none too pleased. I'll get over it, but for the moment, I'm still cranky!

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