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October 2002

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October 29

Today there is happiness in Beckyland. The occasion for the happiness was announced to me this morning when Wendy sent e-mail to let me know that it had been decided by those who decide that I should move from the desk I've had since the first of August into the office vacated by the former associate.

The first evidence of my being happy was found in my reply to that news: "Yay!" ... doing the happy dance." The ellipsis covers a paragraph or so about how I liked the desk already in that office, etc. And I was indeed most pleased.

The August-forward desk was a built-in counter, and is actually a good height for standing-up work, like assembling copies. It was not, however, a good height for typing, either on a computer keyboard or a typewriter. The space was originally used by a doctor's receptionist, and the counter was not built with the notion of needing to put a computer monitor on it.

The new office isn't far away from where I had been, so it wasn't hard at all to move things to their new homes. I am just delighted to have a real desk, with drawers, even (the built-in was a bring-your-own drawers desk)! The desk has plenty of space for the computer, and plenty left over to use as writing space, etc. And I'm happy that I can get away from the photocopier---noise from it was often a problem when I needed to answer the phone.

Perhaps the best part of this is that I got something I really wanted but had not asked to have. Since the associate had left, the room had become a library of sorts, and the computer the associate had been using was used as a spare. But the books and that computer can live happily near my former space, and the photocopier, which had been behind that counter before I needed it for a desk, will go back to that space. That counter was an excellent space to work on copying projects, and will be again.

All in all, I'm very pleased. I think this will be a good move all around. For once, I'll say that change is good.

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