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October 2002

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October 22

When I last mentioned the phone repair, I was writing from the law firm on Sunday. I came home that night and did a whole lot of decluttering, so I wouldn't be embarrassed to let the repairperson into the apartment. I had taken the time while I was at the office to send e-mail to the people there to announce that I might be late and why.

I needn't have worried. The repairman showed up bright and early, and as soon as he plugged his testing gizmo into the phone jack, it was apparent that his time would be brief. That's right, the next thing heard was an electronic voice announcing my phone number. We tried plugging various and sundry telephones into that jack and the other one in the apartment, and both worked. He tried the callback number, and it worked.

I swear that neither jack had been working, and that I had tried at least one of the phones at a friend's, to make sure it wasn't the telephone that was the problem. I swore it to him, too, because I was beginning to wonder if he thought I was one of those desperate women you read about in some porn magazines: those lonely, unsatisfied ones who call for repairs that aren't necessary just to get some masculine attention.

He knew he was there on a call-back, and asked me what the first person had said. As it happened, I had the note that had been left on my door, so I gave it to him. It didn't have any reason why the first man thought the problem was in the apartment, but it had a name and a date and time. Handing that over made me feel a lot less foolish. And it led him to his next comment---that he was going to go to the main junction box for this neighborhood, and check to see if a line there had come loose, perhaps causing interrupted service.

Since the phone repair was a non-event. I spent the rest of the time before work being glad to have the line back and getting caught up with any e-mail that had come while I was unreachable. I don't know that I'll ever know what the problem was with the line, but I'm glad it got fixed by whatever means it was.

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