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October 2002

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October 20

The weekend has been spent dealing with a dead telephone line (which needs more work and will be dealt with tomorrow), and with some heavy-duty cleaning. I have come over to the law firm to use the telephone and the computer for a bit.

This place has a totally different character when I'm here for reasons other than work. It's very quiet, for one thing. Not that it's a noise riot during the workday, but you know what I mean. It's the kind of quiet that signifies things are at peace and at rest.

Catch you tomorrow.

October 18

Someone involved with security at the North Carolina State Fair felt the need to send out a message to those planning to attend. Part of it amused me, but was probably necessary given the current climate of such things: fairgoers were requested to leave weapons at home.

I'm not at all sure what it says to me that people planning to attend a fun event would want to take weapons, especially given that there are armed guards milling around the fairground and there are quite a few children in attendance. Under those circumstances, I would be afraid, if I were armed, that I would be deemed dangerous and detained, or deemed aiming and shot.

In any case, if the chance arises for me to go to the fair, I promise not to bring a weapon. It would just get in the way of my cotton candy.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I'm looking forward to getting some rest this weekend. It's been a hectic week. Hope all of you get to do whatever you want to for the weekend.

October 17

This has been one of those days. You know---days you could have done without. I spent the morning doing some personal bookkeeping---my bank statement showed up yesterday. Then when I started to work, someone rear-ended my car. No damage to me or the car, but it was not what I needed to happen on the way to work.

We have a saying in the office, usually uttered after a really hard day as we're packing up to leave---"I've had all the fun I need to have for one day." Today, that's what I said to the first person I saw when I got to the office.

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