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October 2002

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October 18

Someone involved with security at the North Carolina State Fair felt the need to send out a message to those planning to attend. Part of it amused me, but was probably necessary given the current climate of such things: fairgoers were requested to leave weapons at home.

I'm not at all sure what it says to me that people planning to attend a fun event would want to take weapons, especially given that there are armed guards milling around the fairground and there are quite a few children in attendance. Under those circumstances, I would be afraid, if I were armed, that I would be deemed dangerous and detained, or deemed aiming and shot.

In any case, if the chance arises for me to go to the fair, I promise not to bring a weapon. It would just get in the way of my cotton candy.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I'm looking forward to getting some rest this weekend. It's been a hectic week. Hope all of you get to do whatever you want to for the weekend.

October 17

This has been one of those days. You know---days you could have done without. I spent the morning doing some personal bookkeeping---my bank statement showed up yesterday. Then when I started to work, someone rear-ended my car. No damage to me or the car, but it was not what I needed to happen on the way to work.

We have a saying in the office, usually uttered after a really hard day as we're packing up to leave---"I've had all the fun I need to have for one day." Today, that's what I said to the first person I saw when I got to the office.

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