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February 2002

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February 11

Zoe is still learning her office manners, and had a particularly stressful morning. She was looking pretty much like this later in the day, part abashed and part worn out.

Zoe, curled up, tired and sheepish.

And Aunt Becky knows worn out pretty well herself tonight. I didn't get home from work till shortly after 7:00, then launched into some things delayed this morning because there was once again no water in the apartment. I think this was another water main break, or further repairs on the November one. Whichever it was, those in the know kept it to themselves.

The good news is that the water was back on when I got home. I'm glad it was, but was prepared, just in case. I took a container with me to the office and filled it.

* * * * * * * * * * *

More e-mail today from lovely people. It means a lot to me. For the record, I don't have any new information on the situation, nor do I particularly expect to have answers anytime soon. And yes, it still hurts.

For the record, I'd much rather be the person who wanders through life with an open heart than one whose heart is closed and unreceptive. Even if mine does get wounded sometimes.

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