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February 2002

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February 10

One of the nicest things about sending hugs out into cyberspace is that you aren't limited by a lack of extra arms. The same applies to virtual laps, by the way.

I am one who very much believes in the healing, comforting power of being gently touched. And I'm one who knows how wonderful it is to be held if I need to just cry my heart out. So I frequently make virtual offers of doing just that.

Today, I got some lovely, much-appreciated e-mail about yesterday's entry. It contained affirmation and much comfort. In answering, I told one of the writers that I had almost written yesterday to tell her I was curled up in her virtual lap.

I knew that she was familiar with the concept of virtual laps, and I knew she would be glad to oblige. I knew she didn't need to be told till today that she had been virtually babysitting me on top of whatever else she had going on Saturday, so it was okay that I postponed telling her.

Later this afternoon, I parked someone on my virtual lap, with instructions to rest his head on my shoulder. I knew of nothing else that I could offer at the moment that would make things any better for a person having a rough time.

Never mind that all of us are adults and probably would have a hard time fitting on each other's laps in reality, not to mention the travel costs we would incur since we're miles apart. It's the thought, and the intended comfort, that matter here.

But if you've ever been offered my virtual lap or arms, and need the real thing, well, we'll work it out. I promise.

And that brings something else to mind, that I will go into more deeply some other time. I do not make promises that I don't intend to keep. Even if the promise is for something the world would find trivial. If I promise you something, I mean it with all my soul. The real one; not the virtual.

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