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November 2001

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November 25

The amusement for the day around here is that we had no water for the afternoon and much of the night. I had been napping, and woke to find the water off. I knew it wasn't that I hadn't paid the bill---water is included in my rent, and that had been paid. So I figured that if I looked out the door, I'd see the utility company working somewhere nearby. And I did.

Luckily, I had already been planning to go to the office this afternoon, to keep from getting too far behind in my work. So I added a couple of things to the list of necessities to take along: two large bottles. And I brought home enough water to get me through the night.

When I got back home, I found a notice saying that the problem was a broken water main and that the utility company would work on it till it was fixed, at which point we would get another notice. I made coffee with some of the water I brought home, and ate some supper (which consisted of things that didn't need more water added). I settled in for an evening of crocheting and television, and let the utility workers do their thing without much further thought.

Before supper, I had sent e-mail to Wendy to tell her a couple of work-related things, and saying pretty much what's up there in the second paragraph. She was quick to reply with an invitation to use her shower in the morning if I still had no water. That was much appreciated.

But I won't need to take my shower-needy self out to her house. I haven't gone out looking for the second notice, but I did try the faucet a few minutes ago, and we do indeed have water again. It was a little dirty, but after it ran for a few moments, it was just fine.

Amazing how something as simple as running water can change your plans, isn't it?

November 24

Today was catch-up-with-me day. I have been a little lazy. I slept late, after staying up late trying to learn how to do something. The lateness of the beginning of my day threw some kinks in the plans, but that was okay. At least I remembered I needed to go to the grocery store for bread.

After getting settled in with the bread, I did a little housework, then settled in for crocheting. And some thinking about future projects. Not exactly the way I had thought I might spend the day, but a good one, nonetheless.

It was a quiet day, which I needed. Hope your day has suited your needs, too.

November 23

I went today to pick up a package at the local Post Office, my very own copy of A German Tale. The author, Erika Karres, is a delightful woman who trusts me to do online research for her. I did not do research for this book---it is her memoir, and no research was needed.

Along with reading Erika's book, which I'm just starting, there are several projects going this weekend in Beckyland. There's some crocheting, there's a page being done for an online yard sale, and the usual humdrum of housework. If you've guessed that housework will be getting shortest shrift, you're right!

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