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December 2019

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A Shopping Tale - December 3

I am not a Black Friday shopper, at least not for bargains. I did have to go out this past Friday, to get groceries. The shopping was fine. Store wasn't crowded, and all I wanted was in stock. But then I got in my cab to come home.

I noticed the driver, in helping with the bags, was tying knots in the handles. I don't like that, but didn't say anything. Then he started mansplaining me on how the cashier had bagged things incorrectly. His main "proof" of this was that my two bottles of soft drink were not in the same bag. He had "fixed" this perceived error.

As soon as I got home I undid his knots and his repacking, so I could bring the bags upstairs. I also Becky-splained to him that the drink bottles were packed separately at my request, because I can't carry a bag with four liters.

And I hope he'll remember not to correct without asking if he's ever my driver again.


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