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November 2013

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November 7

I was on my way across the parking lot at home last Friday when one of the neighbors and one of my housemates called for me to stop at the neighbor's house. It seems that another housemate had just been found dead in her room, and the police wanted people to say away for a little while.

The deceased housemate, J., had been with us for several months. I didn't know her very well, mainly because our work hours were different and I rarely go back downstairs after I'm in for the evening. But I liked her, and enjoyed having our paths cross.

The cause of death isn't known, but best guess (from the two housemates and several neighbors who knew J. better) is a drug overdose. Apparently, she had quite a habit, which was news to me.

I stayed with our neighbor for about an hour, then the crime scene investigator let us in. There was a lot of confusion about whether or not we housemates were going to be interviewed by the police, but we weren't.

A crisis counselor came and talked to the three of us who were home, which the other two needed more than I...the death triggered things for them, but not for me.

In the days since, we've been dealing with sympathy and questions and some gossip and trying to get back to something that resembles normal. We'll get there. The landlords and the property manager have all been great, and we've realized yet again how much this strange conglomeration of people is a community.

All the same, next time the community gathers, I'd rather if be for something fun.

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