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October 2013

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October - October 22

The rest of September pretty much got away from me. Work was crazy-busy, and in the midst of it, I wound up with a really bad cold, exacerbated by allergies. Upshots were a sinus infection and some ear complications. I'm just now beginning to feel normal.

A salesman came into Sister Agency's office a couple of weeks ago to discuss building security needs. The man kept referring to needy people as "bums," even after I told him we didn't use the term to refer to anyone who might come by the place seeking help. (He was suggesting we replace our door locks with an electronic system, to keep out any bums.)

It really bothered me that he has such a low opinion of the needy. Bothered my boss, too. Our non-profit is, at least in part, in the business of helping the needy...which is hands-down my favorite part of the job.

To their credit, Sister Agency's people who make such decisions chose not to go with the new lock system. Only one of the reasons I like these people.

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