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July 2013

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News - July 29

So some months I have more news than others. This is one of the more-news months.

I now have a second part-time job. I'm working for a sister agency of the one for which I've worked for the past two years, and am there the two days a week I'm not at the first of the sisters. The second job started July 9.

I would apologize for being vague, but y'all know I don't name the non-profits for which I've worked/am working.

The extra money is most welcome. I've been able to make ends meet with my first salary, but there hasn't really been much cushion or much room for extras.

Another really nice thing happened recently. Courtesy of a video posted to Facebook by yet another non-profit agency, I got to virtually see and FB-reconnect with a longtime friend from my hometown who works for that agency. I love it when I have a small-world moment like that.

So July has been pretty good in Beckyland. Hope all is well with you.

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