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July 2013

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Road Work - July 5

I live very near a major highway. Most of the time, that's a good thing. It means very good bus service, among other good things.

But then there comes a point when the road needs resurfacing. We have now reached that point. And because it's such a busy road, the best time to do such work is late at night.

A recent Monday night was one of those nights. There was heavy equipment droning. The last time I'm sure I heard it was around 4:00 a.m. Glad I didn't have to get up Tuesday!

When I did go out that Tuesday, I noticed there was still one lane left to be resurfaced. Sure enough, when it was being done, the workers again set up shop just below the house at right angles to ours, where the noise coming in my window (which I generally leave cracked just a bit) was maximized for my headache's pleasure.

At least they beat the rains. I don't know if news beyond regional coverage has noted that we've had some epic rains this week in Chapel Hill. I was out Sunday afternoon, in the middle of the rainstorm that wound up leaving more than five inches and several flooded areas.

My complex was fine, but other dwellings and businesses in town got some severe damage. My thoughts are with all concerned.

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