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August 2013

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Stunned - August 9

Ye gods. I was minding my own business and working at the second job about lunchtime yesterday when my across-the-hall housemate called to let me know she'd just seen one of our downstairs housemates on the noon news. Seems Ms. Downstairs, who was estranged from her husband, had had enough of him the prior night and killed him. She's charged with first degree murder and will not be getting out on bond.

The housemate who called had been so stunned she didn't pay attention to some of the details, so she asked me to look the story up on the station's website. I did, and told her what she wanted to know. After I got home, we sat and talked a little, still stunned that someone we know killed someone.

For the record, I didn't know Ms. Downstairs that well. The husband had the reputation of being a crack head, and was known to have attempted to kick in our front door shortly after his wife moved in. But I only sort of met him once, on a bus headed in my home direction.

I am guilty of speaking ill of the recently dead in saying what I've said in that paragraph. I have heard others speak kindly of him, and know that his wife said, at one point, that he had a good heart. I am sorry he's dead; that he won't have a chance to show his better side anymore.

I hope for the best outcome for Ms. Downstairs, but the evidence of her guilt is pretty strong.

Mainly, I'm just stunned.

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