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November 2012

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November Update - November 24

I really didn't mean to turn this into a site with once-a-month posts!

Things are going pretty well. I still love my work and the people associated with it. They are a great group, and I'm lucky. Home is pretty good. We had some trouble with one of the housemates stealing at least some of the money we gave to her for the utility bills and not paying the water bill, but she is being evicted. That we'll be rid of her soon is one of the things making me content. As to how the water bill got paid, don't ask.

I am still using mobile broadband at home, which is a little pricey. I try to use it sparingly, so I don't run out of data allowance before the time expires (30 days). This means I use the office computer after work or I take my laptop elsewhere. It isn't how I'd prefer it to be, but for the moment, it will do.

My birthday was nice. I had the day off, so I stayed home and caught up with myself. The best part was hearing from so many friends.

Thanksgiving was also nice. One of the housemates was planning to cook, and invited several of us to eat with her. It was a good meal with good company. The day after, I heard from two other friends and had a great time visiting with one. I didn't do any Christmas shopping, but I did, in the midst of running an errand, find a great pair of shoes at a great discount, so I'm pleased.

All in all, things are good.

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