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October 2012

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Rest in Peace, Bill - October 15

My friend and our former UNC System President Bill Friday died on Friday. In one of those convergences of events, he died on University Day, which commemorates the laying of the cornerstone of the first building at UNC-Chapel Hill. Of course, the system is larger than just this campus, but UNC-CH is the oldest state university and the system administration is here.

I don't want to try telling you what a wonderful man he was, or how much his work influenced and shaped things in this state and beyond. Others are more capable of doing that...go to your favorite search engine. Instead, I'll share the link to my most recent entry that had to do with him, written on his 90th birthday.

And I'll tell you that I'm sad that I've lost a friend who was one of my personal heroes, and that we've lost a good one.

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