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December 2012

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The Old Year Ends - December 31

I have mixed feelings about 2012 ending. It seems like the last several New Year's Eves I've been ready to shut the door on years that had not ended all that well. But this year, the last half was exponentially better for me than the first half, so I would be content to have it go on for another few months. Guess it's just as well I'm not in charge of deciding such things...imagine the confusion I could cause!

Anyway, this month has been nice. Among the high spots were visits with friends, including TeKay, who came by the Sunday before Christmas. I've also been able to get home with more of my things from their (free) storage space, which means I've been reunited with a few pieces I wasn't sure had survived the move last year.

Christmas was peaceful and nice. I went to a Christmas Eve service, which was something I hadn't done in a long time. My housemates and I didn't do much on Christmas Day, but we had a great dinner for Boxing Day. I rearranged workdays, so I had Mon-thursday last week, which was just as weird as you might think such a day would be. But Tues-friday went smoothly.

As I write, there's about an hour left in 2012. I hope for all of us that we carry forward the good things in our lives, and that we all have an excellent 2013.

Happy New Year!

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