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October 2010

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Sunday - October 3

Posted earlier to a message board.

I'm going to be evicted from my apartment tomorrow. I've not been successful in finding work, either as an employee or more work for my small business, and I've sold everything that can sell quickly. I am still $1,200 short of what I need to cover the back rent and legal fees. By the way, for those who told me earlier this year to move, my rent and utilities are around $450 a month, and from what I can find, it doesn't get much cheaper. And yes, I've looked into public assistance.

I have looked for work, to the detriment of the projects I've been asked to do for my customers. I'm behind in everything, including updating my skills. I've been almost paralyzed by depression, but since I have no insurance and no money, I also have no antidepressants.

I can't tell you how much I hate this. I have lived here for 35 years. I have nowhere else to go, and am not at all sure where I'll go when I get on the bus tomorrow morning. I need to make plans with some friends to move my things (legally, I'll have a few days to do that before I lose the last of the things, too). I need to pack a few things to take with me and to wash the dishes. But more than that I need some sleep.

I'm not particularly asking, because y'all helped out so much earlier this year. But help will be appreciated if it's offered, through PayPal to [email protected] .

To journal readers: I decided it would be a waste of today's time to photograph and attempt to sell the crocheted pieces I mentioned. I don't think anyone wants them, anyway.

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