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February 2010

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Several Happy Things - February 18

The best news from yesterday was not my news, but that of a man who has been in prison for seventeen years, after being convicted of a murder he did not commit. He was freed by the North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission. Details are available at WRAL.

Greg Taylor's appearance on the afternoon news left me in tears, but good tears. He addressed his lack of anger by saying that he couldn't sustain anger, but needed to focus on proving his innocence. He went on to say, regarding those who had prosecuted him, that people make mistakes. Great attitude! I hope the rest of his life goes wonderfully.

I joined a group at Facebook yesterday just because it amused me. The whole point of the group is that if a million people join it, it will be a group of a million people. No plans to do anything, subscribe to anything, believe anything, or are about anything. Just be. I can do that!

I also signed on as a fan to my friend Bradley's business page at Facebook, The Swell Doll Shop. Bradley knows quite a lot about vintage and other dolls, and I love the times when I can go wandering with him through the shop, with me learning more as I pass each display. I'm sure he'd welcome more fans.

And when I went grocery shopping yesterday, I got something for a lot less than I had thought it would cost. It wasn't on special; I had misread the shelf sticker. I'll take that kind of mistake any day!

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