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February 2010

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February 12

There is a relatively new website aimed at crafters, trying to form a community. It is not the "R" community, but beyond that I won't identify it in public. Anyway, when it was starting the owner found me on Twitter and invited me to follow the site there as well as becoming a member of the community. It sounded all right, so I did.

Then he started overdoing the Twitter posts, and doing some things to attempt to promote the site that I find questionable. Like telling site members they could gain extra entries into a contest if they'd write blog posts about the site. Let's just say by the time he came up with that jewel I had such negative feelings about the whole thing he would not have wanted to see anything I would write!

I was slow to unfollow him on Twitter, but I finally got so tired of the incessant self-promotion posts, mixed in with promoting people who asked him to do so, that I did unfollow. Best thing I've done for my sanity in quite a while!

I'm still deciding whether or not I want to have anything to do with the community site itself, but I'm leaning toward ending my membership there, too. For the moment, I'm just being a non-participant. Not even lurking.

Meanwhile, this has been a busy week, and today is shaping up to be busy, too. I hope next week leaves me with a bit more time to write!

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Dee's brother Merle wrote again, to ask that word be passed that he's posted the text of her obituary in the comments to her last entry (the link will take you to the entry).

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