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January 2010

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Random - January 25

On my mind tonight:

--I don't plan to start a dedicated craft blog. I rarely want to write about what I happen to be working on, and frankly, I think if I pushed myself to start such I'd bore the wits out of myself. I do occasionally write about craft-related things at another site, but it's usually to show off the things I show off here, anyway, so I'm not linking.

--I've been planning for a while now to redo the repairs section of the Rebeccaworks site. I really should get that done!

--I never really watched Conan O'Brien after the digital switchover because the NBC affiliate here is now a pain to tune in and doing so messes up my other settings. I did catch the occasional show on Hulu. Which is where I watched the last show, and while I watched, I kept thinking what a class act that man is.

--I was particularly impressed when Conan asked people not to be cynical. I won't be, because I'm not cynical by nature.

--Oh, for the record, I'm not a Leno fan and never really have been.

--There's news coverage this week about the snowstorm we had ten years ago, which pretty much paralyzed the area for about a week. I remember that one well, because it was nearly two feet deep in my front yard. Several days after the snow fell I went out for groceries with a friend whose truck could handle the mess, but other than that I was home for the duration. I was doing freelance work at home then, too, so at least I wasn't missing work.

--And there may be some interesting weather that involves the "s" word coming up next weekend. I hope it's not as interesting as the ten-years-ago bit!

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