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January 2010

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Pleasant - January 28

I made a pleasant discovery today, in a first visit to a new-ish store (a chain drugstore that opened this branch in December). I had a little time to kill before the bus would come, and decided to check to see what the store had in stock. It had real, honest grocery items! And many of the things they were selling were the same price or less expensive than my favorite grocery store.

For the record, this will not threaten my allegiance to my regular drugstore, and my favorite grocery is still just that. But it's nice to be able to grab a few things without having to spend two hours doing it. And it particularly works well with the new Saturday bus schedule, if it doesn't suit my week to shop another day.

This week I've had to make time to take care of things I'd rather shuffle to Saturday, because we're supposed to have snow and/or sleet coming in starting tomorrow night. I'm glad we've had a lot of warning for this one. At the same time, I hope we don't have power outages, which are a possibility if it sleets much.

Ah well, at least if that happens I'll be prepared, since my disaster box is well stocked.

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