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January 2010

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Frisky - January 20

Several of my friends are involved in various animal rescue operations, both here in the US and in Canada. I applaud their efforts, and the rescue animals I've met have all been great.

In thinking of them, I've thought of my first dog, Frisky. I don't think I've told you the story of Frisky, a dog rescued before the term was ever used.

In 1962 my mother was teaching in a ground-floor classroom. The building wasn't air conditioned, and times were very different. The doors to the outside were left open to help cool the building. And most classroom doors were left open, too.

One afternoon, a puppy without a collar came wandering in the building. The first classroom door he came to was Mother's, and he walked in. After interrupting the class for a few minutes, he was escorted back outside. Moments later, he came back in. Mother was seated at her desk at the moment, and the dog walked over to her and put his head in her lap.

At that point, I think they both knew they had made friends for life. But things still had to play out. Mother got a couple of her students to take the dog down to our house (which was two blocks away) and put him on the back porch. She also asked everyone to spread the word that she had found this dog. She checked with the animal shelter. And she said that if no one had claimed him after a month, she would keep him.

It didn't take us a month to name him Frisky, or to love him. We were both glad that no one claimed him. When the month was up, we took him to the vet for his shots and a checkup.

We knew Frisky was a mixed breed, but Mother asked the doctor if he had any ideas what breeds were in the mix, and what we might expect. Dr. R. said that all he could tell us was that we now had a small white puppy with brown and black patches who probably wouldn't weigh much over thirty pounds when he was an adult. He also said Frisky was about six months old. It was enough to know.

Frisky lived another fifteen years, and was very much loved.

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