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December 2009

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Of Saturday - December 26

This has been an interesting day, but it's a little hard to capture in words.

So the short version of the money stuff: I've found another couple of job opportunities, and a potential piano student. No, I don't usually teach music, especially not around here where there are piano teachers aplenty. But this person asked, and we'll see how (or if) it works out.

As to the job opportunities, fingers are crossed and applications are being worked upon.

I did some work, then went out for a brief errand. While I was downtown, I ran into one of my neighbors, and he and I wound up coming back here for coffee and a chat. It's nice to be making a new friend.

After supper, I was going to write to a friend, but wound up taking a long nap. I'm awake now, and will get started on the letter while Butterflies are Free plays in the background to keep me company.


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