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December 2009

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Christmas Random - December 25

--As it was ten years in November that I'd had Thanksgiving with my cousins, it was ten years today that I've had Christmas with them. The Christmas gatherings that we used to have aren't being had as such anymore, and while I'd love to see the cousins, it's just as nice to contemplate seeing them in smaller batches one of these days.

--In 1996, CBS ran a Christmas message featuring some birds, a tree, a woodsman, and an unusual outcome. This morning on "The Early Show" the message was shown again (I understand it's been on YouTube for a while, but I hadn't thought to look for it). I loved it in 1966, and still love it. I thought you might like to see it, too.

--I've been thinking about several of my friends today whose families are dealing with the snow in Oklahoma and Texas. So far, my friends and their families are safe and warm. I hope the same is or soon will be true for others whose lives are affected by the snows.

--I read a journal entry earlier this month in which a woman was writing about a doll she had received one Christmas but had soon lost due to her mother's being angry about something. The writer either said she wanted to buy herself another of those dolls, or wanted to have a clear picture of one. I thought I had bookmarked the entry, but I can't find it and searching isn't producing any useful results. If you know what entry and/or writer, could you please send me the link? I have a friend who might be able to help the writer, but my friend will need to see the entry. Thanks!


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